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Communication Master’s Career Growth

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that from 2008 to 2018 primary communication-related occupations will grow by more than 16 percent, but that in itself is an incomplete perspective. The need for smart, analytical, aggressive and responsible communicators is independent of title and occupation. In the more recently released (February 2012) Employment Projections: 2010-2020 [...]

Bringing It All Together

The USC Annenberg Master of Communication Management online degree program trains communication professionals with the skills they need to satisfy those demands. It specifically addresses the goals of those who want to bring the most value in a modern, interconnected landscape. More importantly, the online MCM equips communicators to provide that value from within their [...]

The Evolving Landscape

The dichotomy of communication pits theory and research against the need for actionable strategy. And two factors make communication even more complex. First, the need for flexibility and personalization — seldom does a “best practices” approach, applied to the letter, yield appropriate results from one organization to another. Second, the answer to yesterday’s problem rarely [...]

The Science of Communication

The digital world demands substantiation. Tens of thousands of resources exist to prove or disprove, support or refute, and it’s imperative for communication professionals to be able to separate the good from the bad. They need guidance to ground their strategy in reliable evidence. How to communicate may have serious considerations, but they all become [...]

The Art of Communication

A communicator’s job is to translate — explain, describe, host, speak and write; make the unknown known; cut through clutter and capture attention; transform complex ideas, research and data to bring them to life. But the landscape of communication has changed, as organizations that rely on it have adapted to the needs of their communities. [...]

Communication Coaches

Build the advanced knowledge of communication theory, practice and research methods to lead by example and have a positive influence on those around you. For communication veterans with a desire to give back to their field through leadership and mentorship, the online Master of Communication Management can provide vital new media skills and a valuable [...]

Communication Veteran

Enhance your professional profile with cutting-edge communication skills and modern media fundamentals that can promote future success. For professionals who already have years of experience but are looking to stay competitive with colleagues and rivals, the online Master of Communication Management offers relevant and immediately applicable contemporary skills. Our online communication management program can help [...]

Communication Pioneer

Develop the tools to help you become a leader at the forefront of current communication technologies. The online Master of Communication Management presents fresh ideas and innovative coursework to help communication pioneers drive the new professional age, focusing on new communication channels and best practices for modern research. If you aspire to be a trendsetter [...]

The USC Annenberg Experience

USC Annenberg is redefining the communication field for the 21st century and beyond, as a center for discussion among scholars and professionals in journalism, communication, public policy, media and education. The reputation of Annenberg faculty and the rigor of the programs are reason enough for such distinction. But at the heart of Annenberg’s renown is [...]

Grounded in Evidence-based Decision Making

The USC Annenberg online Master of Communication Management is designed to teach students how to think, not just what to think, to help them thrive in a data-intensive and analytics-driven workplace. It pushes the learning experience beyond textbook examples of matching solutions to problems; theory is the foundation but not the destination. Smart decisions are [...]

Why a Master of Communication Management Online Program?

The Universal Language of Communication It’s no surprise that organizations with a cohesive, comprehensive approach to communication strategy are among the most profitable. From the mailroom to the boardroom, successful communication is the linchpin to successful operation. The workplace, especially rivals, are taking notice and effecting change to stay competitive. Everyone communicates, but not everyone [...]

Who Should Choose the USC Master of Communication Management Online Program?

For a wide variety of professionals, the online Master of Communication Management can be a catalyst for career development. This immersive online communication degree is designed for students at various professional levels across many communication-related disciplines, including corporate and strategic communications, marketing and public relations. The online Master of Communication Management can provide dynamic career [...]

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