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Infographic- Virtual Teams in the Global Economy


Today’s global economy demands a more unique and effective working environment. Virtual teams consist of employees who are the best people for their jobs, but who are not geographically close to a company’s headquarters. A masters degree in communication offers future virtual employees and employers important skills and tools for success. Learn more in the [...]

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Infographic – How the Digital Age Has Shaped Communication Management


Effective communication lies at the heart of a successful business. Without being able to communicate, a team will have more difficulty accomplishing goals and interacting with customers. For this and many other reasons, communication management is an important area of study and mastery. The digital age has brought real-time, 24-hour communication between businesses, employees and [...]

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The Birth of The New Media Professional


The rise of new technologies, social media channels and data analytics tools has changed the media world forever. With hundreds of thousands of pieces of content being produced and shared every minute, media is becoming both more flexible and more complex. As the rigidity and tradition of old media become marks of the past, we [...]

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Crisis Communication: Planning and Preparing for the Unknown


An important element of any Master of Communication Management program is learning how to handle important company functions and messages in both good times in bad. The unfortunate truth is that every organization faces the potential for a crisis; therefore, it is the responsibility of company leadership to have a plan of action in place [...]

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Communication in the Workplace


Your work as an online communications student offers unique insights into the importance of efficient interactions at work. In our latest infographic, we highlight the three most important trends impacting 21st workplace communication offers future virtual employees and employers important skills and tools for success. Learn more in the infographic below: Add This Infographic to [...]

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Team Communication Rules


Communication within the workplace affects a number of things, including employee morale, satisfaction and engagement.

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Infographic – Elements of a Creative Pitch


If you’re working toward your Master’s Degree in Communications, then you understand the incredible value of a well thought-out creative pitch. This “shootout” is your first (and often only) chance to convince a potential client of your ability to promote their product successfully and therefore win their business. There are certain elements of your pitch [...]

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