A Winning Promotional Strategy With Digital Media

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In 2013, more than half of all marketers increased their digital marketing budgets. However, only spending money isn’t the key to capturing a modern audience. Here are some things you can do today to create winning promotional strategies with digital media.

Educate Yourself About Digital Media

Digital media enjoyed a rapid rise in the last decade, and the field is ever changing. If you’ve been in the marketing field for a while, you’re probably learning about digital media on the job.  If marketing isn’t your area of expertise, it is never too late to learn. Online courses allow you to learn new skills on a flexible schedule; further, today’s online communications degree programs offer a wide range of classes related to digital media.

Go Modern as a Digital Brand

Many traditional brands have reinvented themselves by shifting focus from traditional promotional campaigns to digital ones. This is particularly appropriate for a brand like Coca-Cola, which appeals to a young demographic. The classic soft drink brand once used TV advertisements with catchy jingles to sell its product, but today it’s rare to see Coca-Cola commercials on television. Instead, the company is a social media force, with more than 82 million Facebook fans. The only other corporation with more likes on their Facebook page is Facebook itself.

Companies like Coca-Cola focus on digital media to modernize their businesses and improve consumer engagement. They create immersive digital environments that excite consumers and help them connect in new ways. This approach isn’t just about recruiting new customers, as traditional advertisements do, but increasing brand loyalty.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Digital media allows companies to directly engage with their customers. Firms that rely on customer loyalty, such as financial institutions, hotels, airlines, and some retailers, often take a customer-centric approach to digital media.

One example of this is fashion retailer Sephora. The company carefully and meticulously researched the wants and needs of its target audience: “Women who have shown historically that they adopt technology where it is useful.” In response, Sephora has employed useful tools like the Apple Passbook to its advantage. Sephora’s 600,000 registered Apple Passbook users spend twice as much, and purchase twice as often, as the average Sephora customer.

Drive Traffic and Sales with Digital Media

For many companies, digital media is an important tool for driving online traffic and converting that traffic into sales. We typically see this approach in retailers, who use their website design, mobile-connected apps, and social media outlets to increase their bottom lines.

Amazon is one company that uses this strategy well. Key website features like editorial and customer reviews, comprehensive product information, one-click technology, and secure payments are all designed to drive sales. Targeted online marketing tools like the Associates program, sponsored search, portal advertising, and email marketing campaigns also drive shoppers to Amazon.com. The results speak for themselves, with Amazon gaining almost five times the amount of revenue per unique user than another industry leader, eBay.

Digital media might be all the rage, but marketers must use it well to create a winning promotional strategy.