4 Opportunities in Government Communication

Government jobs are heavily sought after for good reason—they provide job security, great benefits, and the ability to move up to higher professional levels and salaries. An online degree in communication is a desirable achievement for the many government jobs that rely on professionals with strong communication abilities. From speech writers to positions in law enforcement, a communication degree can help you attain one of these four opportunities in government communication.

1. Speechwriter

If you’re interested in the political speechwriter’s life, be ready for swift deadlines, thinking on your feet, and communicating to the masses. Politicians from all branches of government, including mayors, congressman, and the President rely on their speechwriter’s abilities to deliver powerful and coherent information to the public. How do you get started? Contact anyone who needs a speech written and start building a portfolio, get involved in Toastmasters, and brush up on different speech types. A speechwriter with a communication degree is a desirable candidate for the job because of their honed abilities in persuasive public speaking, strong research skills, and media expertise.

2. Online Communication Manager

Online Communication Managers for the government can expect to make anywhere from $65,000 to over $100,000 annually. They are responsible for performing professional and responsible technical work using an electronic communication program for various government institutions. They create and manage a web presence, which often includes social media and newsletters, and oversee an online communication program that provides open and transparent information to citizens, allowing for ease of communication. Online Communication Managers for the government may handle these communication programs for individual departments or for an entire city.

3. Communication Officer

If a career in law enforcement appeals to you, a communication degree makes you an ideal candidate for being a Communication Officer. The position includes providing front line contact for citizens needing emergency and non-emergency services, screening and transferring incoming calls, and speaking with public safety personnel. Strong abilities to organize and interpret information monitoring important wide scale communication networks is essential. Communication Officers make anywhere from $33,000 to $48,000 annually and play an integral part in public safety.

4. Lobbyists

Are you passionate about creating change through communication? Lobbyists seek to persuade members of the government to enact legislation that benefits their represented group. They play an important and essential part in the democratic political process. They work to create persuasive arguments and facilitate negotiations with outstanding oral and written communication skills. Expect to work long hours and be a team player, with a salary anywhere from $20,000 to $150,000 with an average of $40,000 annually. With support from the First Amendment and The Association of Government Relations Professionals, lobbyists have reliable job security.

The government is actively and frequently looking for candidates with the specific abilities that come from earning a communication degree. USA Jobs can help you find a job if you’ve recently graduated and the Pathways program includes the Presidential Management Fellowship for graduate students and a range of other opportunities for current college students or recent graduates to find work within the government.