Finding a Job in the Video Game Industry With a Communications Degree

Video games are an avenue through which you can explore the world or even the universe. Video games can help you hone your logic skills, improve your coordination, and connect with others socially. Plus, they’re a lot of fun. A communications degree can create an open door for you to work in the video game industry. Here are just a few of the jobs that might turn into a career for a communications expert.

Ever played an RPG with a story that brought you to tears? That is thanks to the writers who crafted that tearjerker tale. Video game writers need a firm command of language and an ear for natural-sounding dialogue. They also need strong interpersonal communication skills because video game writers must work with developers, designers, and others to make sure every element of a game comes together to form a cohesive final product.


Some people may dismiss blogging as “not a real job,” but in fact it can turn into a career if you play it right. Video game journalists must stay abreast of the buzz in the video game industry. What are the hottest games on the market? How do you find that secret level? Did you hear about the glitch that lets you walk through walls? Writing about things like that and sharing additional insights can help you earn a reputation as a video game expert.

To become a video game blogger, you may have to work your way into the field slowly, starting out by contributing articles to established blogs while you gain a following for your own site.


Being a video game tester seems like it is all fun and games on the surface — and, in fact, it is mostly games — but it isn’t the lazy-Sunday-afternoon kind of gaming. People who test video games must have a lot of patience; they have to play through every part of a game to discover flaws and inconsistencies. They even have to suffer through some games they don’t find entertaining. Testers provide invaluable feedback to developers.


If you know more than one language, that skill, along with your communications degree, can make video game translation the perfect opportunity for you. When a game crosses international borders, it has to be ready to appeal to its new audience. Game companies need translators who not only understand the languages, but also know the culture that goes along with them, because sometimes a literal translation can lose the flavor and meaning of the original story.


Video game testers deal mostly with the technical aspects of how a video game works; consultants, on the other hand, test out a game’s human factor. Game Informer explains that a competent consultant “can help game companies by providing feedback on key gameplay decisions and even shape public relations plans.” Before a game hits the main market, consultants give insight on possible reactions to the game’s features and story.

Do you want to make video games go from a hobby to a job? A communications degree can help you make it happen.