Anne Mayanna Framroze, PhD

Anne Mayanna Framroze, PhD

Photo of Anne Mayanna Framroze, PhD

Anne Framroze teaches communication, marketing and digital media studies at USC Annenberg. She is a marketing and communication professional with a background in journalism, media, marketing and cultural studies.

As a current CMO, Framroze focuses on brand management, consumer advertising, media, business development, journalism, community-based programming and digital strategies. She has worked on several legislative, financial and regulatory initiatives from strategic and tactical perspectives. Her professional scope extends to the production of large annual conferences and thought-leadership events, as well as initiatives that benefit the community at large. She was responsible for a key partnership with the Los Angeles Times that resulted in a program that extended financial education to Los Angeles-area public schools. She is on the board of the Global Women’s Narrative Project, an institute based at Oxford University.

Framroze has been published in numerous national publications on a wide variety of topics, has served as editorial director for health and medical journals, and is the recipient of numerous awards. As an instructor at USC Annenberg since 2007, Framroze focuses on the intersections between theoretical and practical approaches to consumer marketing in the online world. She is heavily involved with digital media, and has launched several web sites, new media and social media initiatives.

She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from USC, and her PhD from UCLA.