4 Ways to Use Your Communication Skills to Make Money Online

Although it may be hard to believe, many people are making money online just by communicating. They're using their creativity and excellent communication skills to either make a little extra cash each month or build full-fledged careers. Often, they complete these projects at home or in their spare time, giving them the freedom of flexibility that many professionals long for.

What's stopping you? If it's a matter of being unsure of where to start, that's an easy fix. Read on to discover how you can use your communication skills to make money online.

1. Blogging

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Image via Flickr by paolovalde

While you're working on your degree, there's a big chance you'd enjoy having some extra cash each month if your demanding schedule prevents you from working full-time. Paid blogging opportunities are pervasive in this digital world we live in, whether it be for a specific company or your own personal website. Not everyone gets rich by blogging, of course, but many people profit from allowing companies to advertise on their blogs. If you come up with a compelling voice and creative material, your blog's traffic could net you a nice monthly supplement.

2. Copywriting

Many companies seek freelance writers for copywriting opportunities. This can be done either through a third-party website, such as a content mill, or through a direct application process. Copywriting includes many things, from product descriptions to press releases to news articles, so your background in communications will come in handy. You can either work as a Jack of All Trades or focus your attention on areas of expertise. In an online freelancing situation, you're often paid by the word. So, if you can quickly churn out high-quality content, you could potentially make a decent income.

3. Transcribing

Transcription is one of the fastest growing jobs in the U.S. as more and more people decide to take it up in their free time. More often than not, you can get a job transcribing right out of your home if you have the right skills and software. Medical transcriptionists in particular are in high demand, and they're often paid by the word. Most of these ventures require a certification, however, so keep that in mind if you decide to pursue this option.

4. Product Reviews

This is similar to blogging, but much more focused. Most consumers seek feedback about a product from real people who have used that product themselves. A quick Amazon description doesn't always cover every point, so this is where you would come in. If you're particularly interested in tech gadgets or make-up, for example, you can set up a blog dedicated to reviewing those kinds of products. You can influence consumers simply by giving your opinion and reviewing the high and low points of an item or service and make money while doing it.

There are many other ways to use your communication skills to earn money online. After all, the Internet is a vast place. The possibilities are almost endless, so to avoid feeling overwhelmed, you may benefit from narrowing your paths down based on your own interests or skills.