How Can An Online MCM Help Your Career?

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The communications landscape has evolved dramatically during the digital age, making an advanced degree a valuable asset to recent college graduates and industry professionals alike. An online Master of Communication Management (MCM) degree provides you with a strong background in contemporary business communications and equips you with the skills needed to interact successfully with colleagues, corporate stakeholders and clients. Most importantly, it can give you the tools you need to successfully grow your career.

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Synthesize Data More Effectively

Communications professionals are becoming increasingly fluent in “big data,” or the massive collection of digital information that virtually every business stores and analyzes. According to the IDC Digital Universe Study, by 2020, digital activities will generate 1.7 megabytes of new information each second for every person on the planet. In addition, between 2012 and 2020, the study projects that investment in digital infrastructure will increase by 40 percent. This wealth of information can supply you with valuable information about your target audience, but you must know how to utilize and translate it properly.

A Master of Communication Management equips you to gather, interpret, analyze and translate data, to help you transform complex analyses and ideas into actionable strategy. This degree program also enables you to explore the myriad uses for communications research and teach you how to synthesize information from qualitative and quantitative perspectives for enhanced problem-solving in any industry.

Analyze Your Audience Accurately

Understanding your audience – whether internal or external – is essential for successful communication. Knowing how to analyze your audience accurately helps you perform better in nearly any position, from the administrator level to senior management. Your audience might consist of coworkers or managers that you need to get buy-in from, or it could include online followers who respond to your social marketing strategies. Effective audience analysis can serve you well no matter what avenue your communications take.

An advanced communications degree helps you think critically about the makeup of your audience and how best to reach them. With this degree, you learn how to use available data to understand and connect with a particular demographic. This degree program also helps you identify gaps in your analysis so you can enhance your own research design and gather relevant information on your audience. With a well-rounded profile in hand, you may find that you are better able to tailor your communication strategy to make meaningful connections and drive results.

Master Evidence-Based Decision-Making

Effective decision-making is a key component of a strong communications strategy. Professionals must learn to analyze each situation, accounting for the promotional strategy, campaign objective, consumer profile and product branding. Strong communicators typically refrain from relying on emotional responses to guide their business decisions. Instead, they understand how to gather the right evidence, analyze the available data and make an informed decision that has a solid basis in fact.

An MCM degree gives you the tools you need to hone your evidence-based thinking process to ensure that you always pursue data-supported decisions and have the ear of key stakeholders. Whether you’re trying to influence front-line managers, C-suite executives, cross-departmental stakeholders or customers, using an evidence-based approach lets you establish solid grounds for any proposal or decision that you aim to communicate.

Improve Your Marketing Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are integral to an effective marketing strategy. Today’s consumers are looking for carefully tailored communications that are personalized to meet their individual needs. More than half of consumers expect that by 2020, companies will be able to anticipate their needs and make appropriate suggestions, according to Salesforce.

Along the same lines, an Adobe study of marketers in North America revealed that two-thirds of these professionals have plans to implement real-time personalization technologies. This adoption is widely considered an important goal, with 77 percent of marketers indicating that real-time marketing is crucial.

Professionals in a variety of industries will need to hone their communications skills continually to stay ahead of these trends. Even veteran communications professionals may be able to benefit from a strong online Master of Communication Management, which may teach you how to offer personalized solutions that will provide your audience with the tailored responses that they seek. Completing such a program may be particularly effective for those who graduated from college before the digital age took hold and transformed consumers’ expectations of what marketing communications should entail.

Identify Organizational Challenges

An online communication degree covers much more than your own personal communication skills. Instead, it can also help you evaluate communications from others. With this advanced degree, you will be better equipped to identify organizational challenges and make sound research-based decisions about communication practices within your business. Resolving difficult issues and improving organizational communication methods may help you increase employee engagement, tackle workplace incivility, build trust, thoughtfully manage emotions in the workplace, delegate effectively and provide meaningful coaching.

When you pursue a communication degree online, you can hone your organizational communication strategy while completing your coursework on a schedule that is convenient for you. This type of degree program tends to be ideal for busy professionals who are already engaged in a satisfying career, as you may be able to maintain your professional foothold while advancing your education.

Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing skills have always been essential for effective communications, but today’s writing style has evolved dramatically due to social media and other communication tools. For this reason, seasoned communications professionals can benefit from an online Master of Communication Management degree. This program helps you tailor your skills to suit innovative means of communication so you can effectively reach your audience utilizing a wide variety of media.

Regardless of industry, effective writing skills help you communicate with your audience via many different mediums. Emails, blog posts and white papers are all important forms of communication in which the right word choice, tone and writing style are critical in communicating your message. A graduate-level communications degree helps you improve your writing skills so you can send the right message to the right audience.

Enhance Your Use of Innovative Communication Tools

An online communication degree gives you valuable perspectives on new media, cutting-edge technology and the current state of the digital sphere. Understanding how best to leverage the wide array of communication tools is critical for success in today’s marketplace.

If you are ready to hone your skills and grow your career, explore the University of Southern California (USC) Annenberg online Master of Communication Management program. This online graduate program includes courses designed to deliver advanced skills and practical training, all while meeting the needs of working communication professionals.


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