How to Effectively Communicate Business Strategy to Employees

Without effective communication among employees and customers, even the most idyllic business strategy can fall apart. Learn why communications plans are vital in helping to achieve the future you’ve planned for your business.

Internal Strategic Communications

An engaged workforce drives ROI. Yet only 33% of American employees feel engaged at work — 51% feel neutral, and 16% are actively disengaged. Action-oriented messaging and transparency can help.

When leaders aren’t seen as open communicators, only 8% of employees feel highly engaged. But with effective communication from leadership, 72% feel highly engaged — that’s nearly 3 in 4 employees.

So how can employers ensure that their employees understand the company’s business strategy and core values?

  • Survey employees to determine their awareness
  • Provide motivational visuals for key points
  • Train on actionable ways to implement strategy
  • Host internal events focused on values
  • Listen to employees at every level

Engaged employees are 2x more likely to perform beyond expectations, more supportive of global change and less likely to leave.

External Strategic Communications

97% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses. 30% of consumers make purchases based on personal values — the same is true for 60% of millennials. Social media is key for community engagement, generating sales and boosting investor confidence, provided the messaging targets your business strategy.

Just 20% of COOs feel equipped to deliver on what the modern marketplace requires, while only 12% of communications teams feel their plan supports the larger business strategy. Take advantage of key tactics to build lasting relationships with external stakeholders:

  • Keep business strategy at the core of marketing
  • Create promotional graphics for company values
  • Publicize strategy updates on social media
  • Use a consistent company voice for all marketing
  • Promote your strategy publicly

Learn the essentials of a strong communications plan for your business strategy. View the full infographic by USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism:

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