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Learn how an online Master's in Communication Management degree from The University of Southern California can support your present career while opening up new career paths and opportunities.



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4 Reasons Why an MCM Degree Can Advance Your Career

Discover four reasons why an online master’s in communications degree can help you advance your career

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6 Government Jobs for Communication Majors

Government jobs for communication majors are numerous. Learn about the various career paths available to Master of Communication Management degree holders.

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13 Careers for Communication Majors

Learn about these four desirable careers and how they make use of the diverse skill set that comes with a communication degree.

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Communication Careers in the Video Game Industry

Read on to discover how you can use your communication skills to make money in the video game industry.

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Marketing Communication Manager: Salary, Career Growth and Job Outlook

Marketing communication managers promote products and services, attract customers and build companies’ reputations. Explore the ins and outs of the career.

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What Are the Highest-Paying Communication Jobs?

Interested in a communication career and researching the highest-paying communication jobs? Discover careers with strong job growth and salary potential.

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What Is the C-Suite? Executive Positions for Communication Graduates

Wondering what the C-suite is? Learn about these top executives and how a communication program can help you work toward a seat at the leadership table.