4 Reasons Why an MCM Degree Can Advance Your Career

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Professionals in many industries can benefit from an advanced degree in communication management. An MCM, Master of Communication Management, degree has the potential to develop new career paths and advancement opportunities, according to the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California (USC). Discover four reasons why an online master’s in communications management degree can help you advance your career.

Regardless of your professional aspirations, leadership skills can prove critical to your success. In an interview with The Washington Post, author and nonprofit executive Muriel Maignan Wilkins relates that developing your executive presence enables you to lead more effectively and authoritatively.

Wilkins further notes that while many people talk about born leaders, professionals can learn the skills necessary to command a team successfully. Investing in your education might give you the foundation you need to rise to the top of your field. This could include aiming for a seat in the C-suite or some other professional communication position.

Gain Entrepreneurial Skills

An MCM degree can offer an excellent educational start for aspiring entrepreneurs. Writing for Entrepreneur, Matt Mayberry outlines several ways that good communication skills become essential for business owners.

Mayberry discusses how to successfully educate, motivate, and lead employees. Great ideas don’t necessarily translate well to others unless you know how to communicate them effectively. Mayberry also suggests that communication skills can help entrepreneurs listen more closely and more effectively.

Learn How to Speak in Public

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, you’ll likely find yourself in a situation that requires public speaking. It could involve a presentation delivered to 20 of your colleagues or perhaps a speech to thousands of people. Carmine Gallo, a Forbes contributor, calls public speaking “the one skill almost nobody has and everyone needs.”

According to USC Annenberg, the core of an MCM degree involves learning how to communicate effectively, whether in writing or in speech. If you develop your public speaking skills, as Gallo notes, you’ll find yourself more effective when communicating your ideas to the public or to your colleagues.

Hone Your Marketing Skills

In addition to public speaking, marketing skills can become useful in any career you might pursue with your MCM degree. Even if you don’t work in a position related to marketing, according to USC Annenberg, you can use these skills to be more effective in your communications.

USC Annenberg reports that marketing skills are particularly relevant for careers related to marketing, sales, public relations, advertising, , and other related specialties. You might find that you use marketing strategies when soliciting and hiring new employees, for instance, or when negotiating contracts with other people.

If you haven’t considered master’s level coursework in the field of communication management, you might want to investigate an MCM program. An MCM degree can advance your career and give you the skills and education necessary to develop your professional career.