4 Careers for Communication Majors

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Communication management students’ expertise in both verbal and non-verbal communications makes them desirable candidates for many positions across multiple professional fields. With honed talents in areas like public speaking and media, a communication degree opens the door to diverse career paths suited to a variety of interests and talents. Whether you’re interested in the role of social media in business or would like to lead a company’s hiring efforts, these four desirable careers make use of the diverse skillset that comes with a communication degree.

1. Marketing Director

Marketing directors do just that — direct. They plan and oversee the marketing strategies of an organization or business. They are responsible for overseeing and leading staff, business planning, and advertising budget development. Successful marketing directors stay up to speed on market changes and adjust strategies accordingly. Among the highest paying communication jobs with an average salary of $87,000, marketing directors work and lead at the core of the company. If you have the ability to track multiple projects and efforts at once, then this might be an ideal position to work toward.

2 Publications Editor

For communication students interested in media and journalism, a job as a publications editor could be the perfect fit. Responsible for developing story and content ideas, publication editors also review, rewrite, and edit the work of writers, as well as supervise and coordinate work for reporters and other editors. If working for The New York Times or handling publications for a prominent research facility sounds like your dream job, a communication management degree can help get your foot in the door. With an average salary of $52,200, this job is a unique opportunity to work with and write about your personal interests.

3. Social Media Manager

Traditional marketing has changed greatly in recent years as social media has come to the forefront of communication. The need for social media managers is great, and qualified candidates are sought after for their abilities to identify which markets to target and how to best reach them. They are responsible for developing and executing social media strategies and assisting employees with effective social media integration. Social Media Managers earn an average salary of $44,700. Whether you spend 45 days planning the perfect corporate business tweet or manage social media for a primary care physician, a communication degree gives you the necessary skills for success.

4. Employment Recruiter

Do you have a knack for seeing what others bring to the table? Becoming an employment recruiter could be the job for you. A communication degree lays the groundwork for the profession’s essential skills, including writing and placing ads for open positions, and sourcing, screening, and interviewing applicants to get information about their skills as related to available positions. With an average salary of $56,100, a job as an employment recruiter means having a central role in the success of the company or organization you work for.

A Master’s in Communication Management offers a range of professional options after graduation. It’s no wonder communication classes are suggested for any major to gain useful and powerful professional skills.